Armenia refused to deliver body of Armenian aged 84 to his family

Armenia refused to deliver body of Armenian aged 84 to his family
  • Clock-gray 16:33
  • calendar-gray 30 October 2020

As reported, as a result of abandonment by Armenians in a helpless state in Hardrut settlement, Misha Melkumyan aged 84, founded by the Azerbaijani side, in critical condition due to long-term remaining without food and water, Azerbaijani side wanted to hand over her to Armenia through ICRC on October 29, however, the opposite side showing inhuman behavior refused to take over him, State Commission of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Prisoners of War, Hostages and Missing Persons disseminated information in this regard, APA reports.

The information reads that suffering from chronic ischemia of the heart, renal failure, pneumonia, bedsores, and other serious diseases M. Melkumyan was immediately placed in hospital all necessary medical procedures to improve her health condition were carried out and relevantly documented.

M. Melkumyan’s health condition’s being serious was also approved by ICRC doctor specialists. Despite taken measures, M. Melkumyan died at night hours on October 30 and an epicrisis on his disease was submitted to the ICRC. Although the initial agreement has been reached on handing over his body with the mediation of the ICRC and all organizational works have been done by Azerbaijan, Armenia demonstrated disrespect to norms of humanitarian law once more and refused to accept the body of M. Melkumyan and deliver to his family members, living in the country.

Efforts of presenting M. Melkumyan as a captured person is a part of Armenia’s lie campaign to cover its anti-humanist acts.


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