Igor Korotchenko: "It is not possible to endlessly persuade the aggressor Armenia, sooner or later it is necessary to force it"

Igor Korotchenko: "It is not possible to endlessly persuade the aggressor Armenia, sooner or later it is necessary to force it"
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  • calendar-gray 28 July 2020

"The matter is that Turkey provided spiritual and political support to Azerbaijan when the tension occurred on the border with Armenia. In such a case, this is only about political analysis. The Russian and the Turkish leaders conducted an exchange of opinions just around this issue", the Russian military and political expert, the editor-in-chief of the National Defense magazine Igor Korotchenko told APA’s Moscow correspondent while commenting on the discussion of settlement of Nagorno Garabagh conflict during the phone conversation that took place between presidents of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 

According to him, today, the situation on Azerbaijan-Armenia border has been settled comparatively: "The key issue is to solve the Nagorno Garabagh conflict. I think this is just the main outstanding task. As long as the Nagorno Garabagh conflict doesn’t find its solution, the military clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia may start everywhere and at every moment. I think in this case, Russian diplomacy should force Armenia to sit down at the table of negotiations. The Russian MFA should force the official Yerevan to not engage in the demagogy that the latter has been involved in for many years but to start substantive negotiations. In the initial phase, at least five regions should be returned under the control of Azerbaijan. This should be the first step in the settlement of the conflict. As long as this doesn’t happen, the region will remain in the condition of tension and anticipation of war. It seems to me that today, the action should be taken in this area. It is necessary to force Yerevan to accept the existing reality by exerting pressure on it".

The Russian expert said the previous leaders of Armenia were ready to return five regions to Azerbaijan as the first step in settlement of the conflict: "Sarkisyan was ready to return to Azerbaijan the occupied five regions adjacent to Nagorno Garabagh as a first step. Therefore, today, all members of the OSCE Minsk Group should show an active interest in the solution of Nagorno Garabagh conflict. Today, we see such activeness, interest only on the part of Russia and Turkey. Meanwhile, the remaining members show passiveness, don’t use their potential. Today, under the new reality conditions, both political and economic pressure should be exerted on Yerevan because it is not possible to keep under the occupation territory of an independent country for 30 years. Everybody’s patience has run out. If Yerevan doesn’t understand this reality, then the events that could occur from now on is its own problem. Azerbaijan can be understood. It has held negotiations for many years and hasn’t yielded any result from those negotiations. Of course, the questions are emerging in the official Baku regarding the needlessness of these negotiations. 

Therefore, Azerbaijan’s desire to use its military force and to return its lands is understandable. This is a new reality. I reiterate once again that under the new conditions, Armenia’s endless demagogy, Pashinyan’s hypocritical policy has bored everybody. In the present case, the pressures on Armenia should be intensified. It is not possible to persuade the aggressor forever. It is necessary to force it sooner or later. Armenia should be made to sit down at the table of negotiations, and should be forced for obtaining concrete results".

Farid Akbarov

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